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Our team of financial experts recognizes the challenges and uncertainties that many trading companies are currently experiencing in these tough times. We want to assure our clients that we remain dedicated to providing support throughout this difficult economic period.

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Yaniv - Profile Pic.jpg

Yaniv Shemesh (B.S.C, M.B.A)


As the President and Founder of Sun Holdings Capital, Yaniv Shemesh brings a wealth of expertise and visionary leadership to the forefront of the boutique trade finance industry. With a profound understanding of import and export financing, Yaniv has strategically positioned Sun Holdings Capital as a trailblazer in providing tailored financial solutions to businesses engaged in international trade. His commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled the firm to new heights, establishing it as a trusted partner for companies navigating the challenges of the global market. Under Yaniv's guidance, Sun Holdings Capital has become synonymous with reliability and client-centric approaches, ensuring that businesses thrive in the dynamic landscape of import and export. Yaniv Shemesh's visionary leadership continues to drive the firm's success, making a significant impact on the world of trade finance.

Alex Profile Pic.jpg

Alex Szkaradek (B.A)


Alex Szkaradek is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in finance, real estate, and global business ventures. A graduate of the University of South Carolina with dual degrees in finance and real estate, he commenced his career at Wells Fargo in the mortgage banking division and swiftly progressed into executive management, specializing in structured debt and equity transactions. As the visionary founder and Chief Executive of Vision Property Management, Alex played a pivotal role in growing the company into one of the largest privately held housing portfolios in the nation, culminating in a successful public markets sale in December 2019. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he founded SC Health Corporation, leading a dynamic team that delivered over 30 million pieces of PPE to front-line workers and government entities, showcasing his commitment to public service. With a keen eye for strategic opportunities, Alex expanded SC Health into Federal Government Contracting, addressing critical shortages and contributing to national security efforts. His successful forays into Ukrainian support, defense initiatives, and AI drone technology with Prometheus demonstrate his adaptability and global impact. Alex's extensive experience, leadership acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit make him an ideal candidate for the position of CEO at Sun Holdings Capital, a boutique trade finance firm specializing in import and export financing.


Bart Szkaradek (B.A)


Passionate about driving growth and shaping market narratives! As the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Sun Holdings Capital,  Bart is dedicated to propelling our trade finance firm to new heights through strategic partnerships, innovative marketing, and a client-centric approach.

With a rich background in both business development and marketing, Bart successfully navigated the dynamic landscape of the financial industry. Bart's journey has been marked by a commitment to blending strategic business growth with compelling marketing strategies, contributing to Sun Holdings Capital's prominence in the trade finance sector.


Adv. Ben D. Manevitz (JD ,L.L.M)


Has a decade worth of experience in the field In negotiated and drafted agreements, including license agreements, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, int'l sales/licensing agreements, IP transfer agreements, work-for-hire agreements, pre-litigation settlement and release agreements, litigation settlement agreements.

Juris Doctor cum laude in Law from University from Pennsylvania Carey Law School

LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law from Cardozo School of Law

B.A from Cornell University

Litigation and in court representation and expert in International Licensing.

Anika Profile Pic2.jpg

Adv. Anika Zańko 


Graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and the School of American Law conducted by the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, in Washington. Scholarship holder of the Jagiellonian University at the University of Thessaloniki. She also completed postgraduate studies in Criminal Fiscal and Economic Law at the Jagiellonian University.

She has over fifteen years of professional experience in legal services for entrepreneurs and in court trials. She specializes in commercial and trade law, with special regards to litigation proceeding and M&A transactions, EU law and employment law.

Anika also has experience in representing clients in international proceedings, including the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Owner and Managing Partner at the Law Firm Abbeys Legal with headquarters in Warsaw and Cracow, providing comprehensive legal and tax services for investments on the basis of full knowledge of EU and national law. In her daily practice she focuses on ensuring legal security for her clients and obtaining possible forms of support for them (tax reliefs, tax exemptions, grants). Her team consists of attorneys, tax advisers and legal counsles specializing in taxes, finance, M&A transactions, intellectual property and employment law. 

Nataliya - Profile2_edited_edited_edited

Nataliya Bondarenko (B.A, M.A)


With a rich background in marketing and administration, Nataliya plays a pivotal role in shaping Sun Holdings Capital's identity as an industry leader. Her strategic vision and creative approach to marketing elevate the firm's brand presence, contributing to our mission of revolutionizing import and export financing.

In her capacity as Head of Marketing and Administration, Nataliya spearheads initiatives that seamlessly integrate marketing strategies with administrative efficiency. Her contributions are instrumental in positioning Sun Holdings Capital as a boutique firm that goes beyond conventional trade finance solutions.

Nataliya's dedication to excellence and her ability to navigate the dynamic intersection of marketing and administration make her an invaluable asset to Sun Holdings Capital.


Join us on our journey to redefine import and export financing under Nataliya's strategic guidance.

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